Paragliding: Things You Need To Know

Paragliding is an adventure sport that uses a glider aircraft without a solid structure. In paragliding, the pilot is suspended in a harness attached to a fabric airfoil with an extensive interconnection of safety wires and cells. Paragliders flight can last from a few minutes to several hours, covering tens to hundreds of kilometers. Flight height is typically determined by manipulating the lift source.

The concept of paragliding was initially used by the climbers in the French Alps to descend from the mountain peak. The technology used a small ram-air parachute that helped the climbers glide down the mountain faster and safer. The earliest forms of paragliding flew at an average 20 miles per hour. Years later, paragliding enthusiasts found out ways to optimize the potential of such travel system to improve flight durations and be able to cover longer distances. Advances were made to the system such as the widening of the airfoil, usage of nonporous fabric, and modifying the wing shape. Modern variations of the paragliding equipment are now designed for recreational and competitive users alike.

Bakersfield, California: Your Paragliding Haven

Bakersfield is the capital city of the Kern County in California. It is located at the foot of several mountain ranges, the Sierra Nevada in the eastern end, Greenhorn Mountain Range, the Temblor Range in the west, and the Tehachapi Mountains in its southern end. Because of its location and the hydration from the Tulare Basin, Bakersfield is ideal for growing green and leafy plants, as well as crops such as carrots and nuts. It is known for its desert climate with dry and long summers and very little rainfall throughout the year. Snow is also scarce. The last recorded snow in Bakersfield is 18 years ago.

There are a few well-known paragliding schools in the city of Bakersfield. Paragliding enthusiasts are drawn to its hilly features, weather conditions and accessibility. Paragliding instructors provide essential lessons, including basic maneuvers such as banking and steering, as well as advanced flips, turns, and a variety of landing techniques. Safety procedures are also covered in these lessons, such as proper gear handling, weather analysis, and even risk assessment for getting airborne. They also teach you landing techniques under special or emergency conditions such as high winds or rain. Some of them also offer tandem paragliding which is very popular among beginners. Thanks to for making our ‘Adventure and Volunteer Program’ paragliding experience possible for 5 years in a row, you can find more information about the services they offer at

Should You Try Paragliding?

At one point in everyone’s lives, flying was a dream. Feeling the breeze against your skin while floating on air seemed to be impossible back then, but thanks to paragliding, that’s no longer the case. Paragliding may seem to be too extreme for some, but it is actually safer and more enjoyable than one would expect. Ask anyone who has tried it at least once, and let them tell you how great of an experience paragliding is. If you still need more convincing to try it, then read on.

It is safer relative to other extreme adventures.

Whether you are an extreme sports enthusiast, or just want to try out something exciting, paragliding is the adventure for you. It is imperative for paragliding instructors to teach safety procedures prior to flying, especially about landing tips. In paragliding, landing is a gradual process rather than a quick plunge, hence it is safer and feels more secure and less intimidating as compared to bungee jumping, for example. Your instructor will teach you how to maneuver and control your paraglider, and although it will take some time to master this, it is still considered the safest of all air sports.

It is environment-friendly.

When you ride a paraglider, you only need air. You literally will just fly and glide like a bird, no engine or fuel needed.

It stimulates your mind and body.

Paragliding can be a form of effective workout for your mind and body. Why you ask? Well, you will have to hike mountains and ridges to find your take-off point, and you also have to learn how to maneuver your paraglider to optimize the force of the wind. Controlling, or ‘kiting’, your wing requires a lot of upper body strength, while stimulating your mind to be present at all times.

It takes you to incredible sights.

Paragliding is not only about flying, but it is also being one with nature. Hiking through heights, exploring mountains, feeling the breeze, flying with the birds – not everyone gets to experience this kind of bond with the natural beauty of the world. It surely can be a one of a kind extreme adventure.

If you are thinking of trying out something exhilarating and memorable, paragliding is a top choice. A lot of paragliding instructors are based in Bakersfield, CA who can help you make your flying experience unforgettable and safe.

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